Why switch to electric?

Benefits of switching you business to electric

There are numerous benefits to switching your business to electric vehicles. In addition to lower total cost of ownership and reduced carbon emissions, you will boost your green credentials, something customers increasingly look for when making purchasing decisions.

Exempt from London Congestion Charge

The London Congestion Charge is a daily charge for vehicles driving within the London Congestion zones in central London. The daily charge has also risen to £15 per day. The charge now applies between 07:00 and 22:00, 7 days a week, as of 22nd June. For instance, it could cost up to £465 per month to drive daily in London’s Congestion Zone areas, whereas our fully electric DFSK vans are exempt from this charge.

For more information: TFL Discounts and Exemptions

Exempt from Ultra Low Emission Zones

DFSK vehicles also help you save if you’re regularly driving in Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) or any of the new Clean Air and Low Emission Zones now live and being proposed across the UK. With the London Ultra Low Emission Zone due to expand significantly from Central London in October 2021, DFSK vehicles can access the ULEZ without paying the noncompliance. If you drive a daily commute in London's ULEZ zone, it could cost you up to £375 a month.

For more information: Ultra Low Emission Zones

Government Plug-In Grants will cover 35% of the purchase price

Several schemes are available to make the switch to electric more viable for businesses. The Government’s Plug-In Van Grant, applicable our electric vans, contributes 35% of the purchase price up to £5,000.

For more information: Plug-In Van Grant

Better Driving Experience

Electric vehicles are quieter and smoother to drive compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. They also offer instant torque, which means that they are more responsive and accelerate faster.

Lower Running costs

There are significant savings to be made in the cost of charging an electric van versus refuelling a petrol or diesel van. Charging your vehicle is considerably cheaper than refuelling, and as there are fewer moving parts in an EV than a standard internal combustion engine, servicing costs less.

Business Owners

It’s not just about being good to the planet, making the switch to electric vehicles can be very good for your business’s bank balance too. Once you’re making the savings, you can shout about your new eco-friendly fleet to your customers.

According to Deloitte, 4 out of 5 UK consumers prefer to choose brands with a positive approach towards environmental sustainability.

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Drive confident

Electric driving FAQs

Are there any incentives or funding options available to help me switch to an electric vehicle?

Yes. With electrification targets to be met by 2030, the Government will contribute towards the purchase of eligible vehicles in the form of the Plug in Car Grant or Plug in Van Grant.  Our electric vehicles will also benefit you when driving in the Congestion Charge area, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and other Clean Air Zones around the country as their low emissions qualify them for savings and exemptions, which vary by location.

Are there any business incentives or funding options available to help me switch to electric vehicles?

As well as the Plug-in Car and Van Grants, there are many tax incentives available to help businesses convert to battery electric vehicles. Our fully electric van range also means you will not need to pay any annual Vehicle Excise Duty.

Why are electric vehicles cheaper to maintain?

The electric motor, batteries and EV transmission have fewer moving parts than the engine and gearbox of an internal combustion car. This means there is less to go wrong. Electric vehicles are generally more reliable because of the fewer moving parts. It means much lower maintenance costs as there's no oil to change, no gaskets to replace etc.

Do I have to pay congestion chargers?

If you drive an electric car in London, you don’t have to worry about paying congestion charges because electric vehicles are exempt.

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