After-Sales Support Package

All IA electric vans are supported by comprehensive after sales package designed to give you total peace of mind.

Your peace of mind assured

Hassle-free electric motoring comes in different forms. Reliability, warranty protection and customer service are all important factors.


IA vehicles come with a traction battery warranty.

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Provided by a national network of IA Distribution centres and Halfords Autocentres.

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Roadside Assistance

We've got you covered with the AA.

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IA Electric Vehicle Technical Training

Certified Service Technicians for IA vehicles.

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Tailor your IA to suit you.

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All new IA electric vehicles come with a mile warranty and a traction battery warranty.

Roadside Assistance

We are pleased to have AA's expert EV technicians looking after your IA electric vehicle.

Halfords Partnership

We partnered with Halfords UK to offer you a comprehensive servicing and maintenance plan.

IA Electric Vehicle Distribution centre

Distributes parts UK-wide on an every day basis.


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about car batteries and range:

What is the lifetime of an electric vehicle battery?

Electric vehicle batteries are a step above the batteries you’ve got in your household electronics as they’ve been built to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Sticking to your servicing schedule will help ensure you get the most out of your electric vehicle, without anything to worry about.

Do electric vehicle batteries need special care?

You won’t have to get under the bonnet to look after the battery in your EV. When you have it serviced, your technician will perform a battery health check and advise if anything needs to be done.

How accurate is the stated range?

The stated range is a WLTP figure based on test conditions which are intended to reflect various driving conditions and styles. You can find out more about how WLTP is calculated here.

Will traffic and long waiting periods affect the stated range?

Your electric vehicle uses very little energy when stationary or in traffic. Even if you don’t use the vehicle for a longer period of time and it’s parked up, the battery will keep hold of almost all of the charge it has. However, if you continue running systems such as air conditioning when in traffic, you will use up some of your vehicle’s charge as it requires the electricity from the battery to power these. You can easily see what range you have remaining on the dashboard.

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